Cyber-Casino.co.uk offers both HTML and JAVA games which can both be played using the same Account name.

Our HTML games can be played by any user with access to the Internet through ANY browser to ANY operating system; Web tv, MAC, AOL, whatever!!! If you can read this page, then you can play our HTML games without waiting to download anything!!! The HTML games are fun and exciting to play; however for even more magical Hi-Fi sound and 3D graphics we strongly suggest you play our JAVA games!

Our JAVA games have the most amazing Hi-Fi sound and 3D graphics and are 100% state of the art! Our JAVA games are also NO DOWNLOAD, but do require that your browser be JAVA-ENABLED, such as Netscape 4.0+ (or higher), Microsoft Internet Explorer 4.0+ and AOL 4.0+ (although AOL is still quirky and not recommended for best performance). Web TV is not JAVA-ENABLED and cannot be used to play our JAVA games yet, but can play our HTML games!!!

If you are using JAVA ENABLED browser and you get a blank page, then your JAVA may be turned off, to turn it on, click here. Generally, you can play our JAVA games as long as your browser is JAVA ENABLED regardless of your operating system, and if not – you can always play our HTML games.

Both the HTML and JAVA games were designed for screen settings of at least 800 x 600 so that you do not have to scroll up/down or left/right to see all the graphics. Most new computers and WebTV come pre installed with the 800 x 600 settings. To check or change your screen setting, click here.

If you are not using Netscape 4.0+ or Microsoft Internet Explorer 4.0, we strongly urge you to start using Netscape or Mircosoft Internet Explorer today (just click the links below and follow the directions).

Netscape Explorer

In addition, please note that it’s always a good idea to clear your browser’s cache every now and then so that you can always see the latest improvements and upgrades at Cyber-Casino.co.uk as well as other sites!!! Most browsers store information so that it doesn’t have to get loaded in the next time you visit a site again; however, this also prevents you from sometimes seeing the newest version of old files! For instructions on clearing your cache, click here.

If you have any further questions or concerns, please Contact Us at any time and we’ll be happy to assist you promptly.